Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A controversial executive order leads to internment camps

On this day in 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt issued his most-controversial executive order, an act that sent more than 100,000 people  to government-controlled facilities because of their ethnicity.Gravestone_fred_korematsuMoreOn...

Trump supporter says president has brought 'hope' and 'respect' back to US

ABC News' Mary Bruce reports on President Donald Trump's campaign rally in Florida. Source link

Maybe A Salary Would Get First Lady To The White House

To get Melania Trump to assume the duties of first lady, we just might have to pay her. The former model and third wife of the president has...

Elderly woman finds £5 note worth £50,000, donates the money to young people

Finding out that the fiver in your wallet is worth thousands of pounds is a dream-come-true for some — but not everyone.A Northern Irish woman who discovered a...

Here’s how badly the Galaxy Note 7 destroyed Samsung’s reputation in the US

It goes without saying that the spontaneous combustion of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was a big deal, but rarely do we get an opportunity to see the impact of...

First Lady leads Florida rally in prayer

Melania Trump recites Lords prayer Source link

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